BBoom Bottle Godzilla BB05

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Godzilla is no monster. Perhaps he is a hero. Without a doubt he fights, like us.
The steel insulated water bottle BB05 featuring 100% Italian design with a gloss finish, red silicon bottom and the iconic red cap.
Together with your BBOOM, you will have four interchangeable silicone rings for a drop-proof cap. 4 rings, 4 different looks for your bottle cap and a gift: a gadget to use as you want.
Use it as a keychain or as your creativity suggests.

Material                            304 FOOD GRADE STEEL
Capacity                           520 ml / 17,6 oz
Type                                  THERMIC
Silicone base color         RED
Lid color                           ICONIC RED
Weight                              260 gr
Height                              23,4 cm
Diameter                          7 cm
Top Neck Width              3,3 cm
Design 100%                   ITALIAN

For highly carbonated drinks it is advisable to use two rings.